Employee Spotlight

What St. Ann Rehabilitation & Nursing Center employees are saying:

“I am about to celebrate my sixth year at St. Ann Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. The first thing I noticed when I started here was the focus on what’s best for our patients and residents. There was none of that corporate vibe I experienced at other facilities. The feedback from families confirms that our dedication to our residents is noticed and appreciated. This, in itself, brings job satisfaction. Furthermore, St. Ann offers an enticing benefits package and an active Employee Enrichment Committee. This committee is always looking for opportunities to create a fun atmosphere for employees. Staff supports and encourages each other to achieve the best outcomes for our residents and their families.”

– Judy, RN, CAM

“This is my second home – everyone is like family. My co-workers and management are always there for me and truly are team players who are always willing to help. St. Ann’s is a welcoming, homelike environment. We very passionate about the work we do here and it shows.”

– Alexa, LNA

“Working at St. Ann was my dream job. The facility is so beautiful and peaceful. It’s not hard to forget it’s ‘home’ to its sweet residents and makes for a wonderful work environment. The commitment to deliver person-centered care is achieved by an excellent interdisciplinary collaboration of dedicated staff. It was a tremendous experience to be part of St. Ann’s incredible team.”

– Julie DeDominici, human resources

“St. Ann is more than a great place to work. You become part of a family – a family that takes pride in helping the residents in our care. The bond that develops between the residents and their families is heartwarming and a constant reminder that we do make a difference.”

– David Sanders, Senior Director of Environmental Services

“I’ve been an employee at St. Ann for eight years. What makes St. Ann a great place to work is the staff – wonderful people who I consider family. Knowing everyone is here for the right reasons and mission, (and) continuing to provide our residents with lasting memories keeps me going. Seeing the big picture from behind the scenes and what Catholic Charities New Hampshire/St. Ann represents in my community and the entire state is something that I am very proud to be a part of.”

– Lisa, LPN, Unit Manager

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